DLF inspire and facilitates growth and value creation for the benefit of Members - Customers - Consumers!


DLF is a commercial community for suppliers to the dansih retailtrade and Away-From-Home. DLF works for an efficient and innovative market, fair trading conditions to the benefints of the danish consumers.

The FMCG suppliers

DLF is a trade organization of supplier companies who sell and distributes goods through the grocery trade and are economically independent on retailers and wholesalers.

DLF especially focus on:

• Members – strengthening competencies and market position
• Customers – ensure fair trade conditions for members based on the principles in the Supply Chain Initiative -
• Brands – importance to consumers, customers and society.
• Private labels – strategic importance, opportunities and challenges to DLF members.

Development of market trends in retail shopping has resulted in DLF now performs in three business areas:

• Grocery Shopping
• Away From Home
• Houseware


DLF is working for:

• Making DLF visible as a key player in the FMCG market relative to politicians, consumer organizations, retailers, experts, media and the members.
• Articulating priority themes and messages that are commercially important for members.
• Establishing a better understanding of suppliers’ business conditions.


DLF is nothing without the members

The organization activities identify, develop and expand through the members’ participation in the organization’s activities and involvement in the board of directors and different working groups.

The board is responsible for its operations and development. Board members are representative of the members’ interests. Leading the committee through presidency and acts as firsts through new initiatives.

The committee identify and drive activities through working groups and in dialogue forums with retail. They also perform as active ambassadors to the members, so that opinions can be communicated and support the associations activities.

The Secretariat facilitates, encourages and coordinates DLF’s forums and communicates with the retailers, so the members are experiencing connection between its activities and constructive trade environment.

The activities of the Management Board, Committees and the Secretariat resulting in a wide range of benefits for DLF's members. Some of the areas where members benefits for their membership are:


DLF organizes and communicates knowledge of the trade and insight in the member companies' market- and framework conditions through its own studies and cooperation with external collaborators. For example, a member survey on trade issues and DLF's annual salary analysis.


The networking groups offer personal network, mutual sparring and experience so that members will have increased skills and industry challenges are identified..

Standards and systems

DLF initiates, supports and documents the development of the industry common standards and systems that promote efficient trade, security and a better basis for the consumers' purchasing decisions. Additionally through the development, implementation and embedding of DADAS and the data flow between different databases.


Several times annually DLF hosts professional and social events, which spread new insight, knowledge sharing and networking. Besides the Annual General Assembly, there are regularly arranged meetings, conferences, courses and workshops that support the association's priorities and projects.

Public relations

DLF identifies and communicates the suppliers' business conditions when facing the authorities, organizations and media in order to establish DLF as a significant, credible and visible consulting party. Including meetings with the National Competition- and Consumer Agency, the Fiscal Affairs, consumer policy rapporteurs and others and as well delivery of priorities such as Principle of Good Practice.

Member Communications

DLF continuously emits newsletters, magazines and other relevant information and inspiration. Our website is also updated regularly with news, events, current issues and other relevant information.

Dialogue with the retailers

Through contact, debates and public forums DLF are in continuous contact with the retailers regarding business integrity and the industry's framework and market conditions.